Which do we abandon?

The kids or the cars?

With all thanks to

Leonardo DiCapriano!

Having just viewed “Before The Flood”,  my commitment to double my efforts to wake the world was instantaneous.

Now: Action!

Listen to Elon Musk as he speaks with Leonardo about efforts to reduce the future harm to our children! If we’re going to make the effort to save some semblance of a meaningful future: 

We have no choice other than heed what is stated at:  http://www.ObamasMessage.com 

and do so immediately!

As stated by

President Obama: 

The Paris Agreement is a start. 

But WE must do much more, on a personal level. WE must change our lives in a way that denies the power of marketing over our children and their natural desires to see our wishes for them fulfilled.

Now, have a look at the message offered by the “Washington Post”: 


It should make everyone ‘think’. Will it?

We must curtail our desires

to have “More!” of whatever.

We must end our love affair with

“Our Prized Mobility”. 

We must learn about each other,

and accept each other.

We must not allow

religious beliefs

to permit fools

to seek control over others.

All such madness MUST END!

It must, or we should inform

our children

that we have abandoned

them to a non-survivable future.

Leonardo Dicapriano

said he was horrified

by what he had seen

in his extended effort

to inform himself

and put that

much needed

movie together. 

So shall everyone

be similarly horrified! 

I urge all to view it!


The threat of a “Tipping Point” leading

to a Non-Reversible HeatRise

is such as to permit


whatever attempts

can be generated to


all emissions!

What we must do!


(1) Change our eating habits! 

By removing meat from our diets, especially Beef, and that can be safely done by the majority of humanity, we will curtail the unbelievable levels of Methane expelled by cows. 

(2) Store all

personal vehicles!

And never use them until a distant future when, maybe, our efforts permitting our meaningful survival allow a resumption of our search for technical excellence in all matters! 

By such actions we end the emissions produced via their use, AND the emissions produced in their production process AND the emissions produced in the processes to build the mining machines AND the emissions produced in the processes to build the mills that process the ores from which we produce our metals AND everything else used in various related production processes, including efforts to discover natural resources that are necessary to all of the other processes, which, together, we now know, contributed and continue to contribute, lethal amounts of deadly emissions to our overheated atmosphere everyday due our non-stop dependence on “Our Prized Mobility".

There is NO easy solution to that which we should have confronted, at the latest, in the 70’s and 80’s. 

And everything that we do shall have to be maintained until Earth regains a temperature equilibrium that previously existed.

We must also prepare ourselves for a very real probability that we have waited too long and the planet is lost to us; and our hoped for progeny.

To repeat:

We must change. 

Indeed, absent our understanding that there is NO Future without change, we are doomed by the madness that brought us to this point.

And if we can’t change,

if we can’t bid goodbye to

“Our Prized Mobility”: 

We must then decide whether or not to tell our children! And when to do so!


This site is about our duty to find a possible means by which we can achieve that which MUST be achieved!

We do so by heeding President Obama’s message:

“If we don’t soon act,

there will come a time when it will be too late to act.

And acting on the guidelines as presented at :


Our Children are getting worried!

Due our non-stop emissions,

they have reason to be concerned!

They ask:

When will we act on

President Obama's message?

After 30+ months of non-stop rise in Global temperatures:

No government has done anything to confront the crisis!


Worse! We have, at most,

20 Months 

left to act on the message below!

20 Months!

Or lose their world to a non-stop

non-reversible increase

in worldwide temperatures!

It is now

September 12, 2016!


Try to understand!

Runaway Global Heating

Our Early Extinction

Go hand in hand!

Its the price of

'Our Prized Mobility’!

Unless they have been denied an education,

our children know:

our non-stop emissions guarantee

they have no future

due to

A Dead and Lifeless Planet

Dare you acknowledge such, publicly?

The sole possibility

of meaningful survival demands

that we

wake to the crisis,


our conduct,

live simply,

waste nothing,


all personal


use public transport


limit family size



Or expect

near future

super storms

that will lead to

the destruction

of food supplies

and much of the


used to provide

our food supplies


How do we confront such?

Will we confront such?

Dare we fail


is for sale



Plus President Trump’s

10% PST

“I Grab! U Pay!"

Pussy Seizing Tax!

So, When Do We

Tell The Children?

Do you wish to help save the

Children and wake the world?

If so:

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To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

"The Tax Refusal"


© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016